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Alex Jury - Actor/Writer/GoonOneil Cespedes - Actor
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Kristen Brockman - Actress/ModelAnnette Chaisson - Makeup Artist
Brian Patrick Mulligan - ActorEva Ford - Actress
Raj Jain - ActorDustin Pearlman - Cinematographer
Jeremy Abramson - Draft ExpertJohn Jacobs - Commentator
Diane Keaton - Greatest Actress of All TimeHat Guy's Brother - Thwomper
Mike Hebert - Water balloonistBrian Burgoyne - Director of Photography
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Anthony White - Actor/BreakdancerMichael Hampton - Actor
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NSTV - Archive ContributorBeau Hirshfield - Actor
John Minor - CrewLiz Lytle - Actor
Bruce Brotine - ActorLouis Benton - Actor
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Tyler Haley - IM LegendEmily White - English Lit Major
Brian Hopkins - VoyeurBrandon Volz - Male Model/Dick Boyfriend
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Jeremy Krause - Contest ContributorMew - Most Famous Cat in the World
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Check out some videos from the Panda Smash boys: Paul, Sam and Jake.

Do you ever look up at the stars and wonder... are there just too many video sites out there?
You mean: Are we just another one on the pile of places trying to make viral videos, funny videos, all that?
Yeah. Like, how to people find out we're making the best videos online or the funniest videos of all time?
You really think that's what we're making?
No. But one of my therapists told me I should believe that.
I keep trying to tell you: No therapists sleep on the beach next to a surfboard while wearing funny t-shirts. Best case scenario, he's a hippie.
He charges me a lot. I had to get four new American Express cards to pay for him.
This sounds like you're doing a bit for a YouTube video. And what happened to "Sam's House of Knowledge"? Aren't you supposed to be the guy with the funny advice column?
I'm stealing all my material from the hippie.
This is our worst chat yet.

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