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The Great State FightSketch Comedy12/05/091:4429002.99
50 State Stereotypes (in 2 Minutes)Sketch Comedy12/04/092:0315302.97
Lady Gaga Outfit or Landfill Trash?Other Crap12/03/09N/A5,14703.02
Wow, My Date Sucked - Ep 6: How NOT to Date TwinsSketch Comedy12/02/0901:364884,0023.02
Wow, My Date Sucked - Ep 1: SexsomniaComedy Shorts12/01/093:174955,8572.97
Twitter Spokesman Tells Users to DieComedy Shorts11/06/0901:4417470,0262.99
Great American Guerilla Drive-InSketch Comedy04/10/0902:2469683,3892.99
Punch-Out RapComedy Shorts03/06/0903:20423769,8533.00
Click It Or Ticket: Ep 3Sketch Comedy02/10/0901:1111137,1492.98
Doritos Crash the SuperbowlSketch Comedy02/10/0903:59111467,7972.95
Hot Babes and Cool Gadgets at CESSketch Comedy02/10/0902:342131,008,7942.98
Evil Laughing BabiesOther Crap02/02/0901:0053543,5342.99
Recession ChristmasComedy Shorts12/15/082:141,007300,6943.01
Choose Your Own Adventure - Election '08Comedy Shorts10/30/08Depends... on you!1,378116,5593.01
The NeonComedy Shorts09/02/0801:4830802.98
Anton the Awkward Accountant in: Clearing Up Online Dating Lies Before a DateComedy Shorts08/18/081:471,39826,6063.00
Behind Interesting - Ep 6: WowSketch Comedy08/10/0803:2361684,7463.00
The DinghyComedy Shorts08/09/0801:311,04395,4133.00
The Panda Guys at Wrigley FieldOther Crap08/01/083:1033047,6622.98
The Panda Guys at Fenway ParkOther Crap07/29/083:1036242,5643.00
The Panda Guys at AT&T ParkOther Crap07/17/083:02348133,5792.99
Independence... From PantsComedy Shorts07/03/080:572,111326,0812.98
I Hate Britain DayComedy Shorts07/02/081:563,490842,5573.01
Anton the Awkward Accountant in: Inviting People to an OrgyComedy Shorts06/25/081:421,67623,6233.02
How Picks Its Homepage VideosComedy Shorts06/16/082:571,028619,3142.96
Anton the Awkward Accountant in: Telling the Exes He Got the ClapComedy Shorts06/02/081:4096941,0542.99
28 Days and 28 Nights LaterComedy Shorts05/28/0802:031,98082,6843.03
I Am Legend (Ha Ha)Comedy Shorts05/28/082:1770359,1093.03
13 Movies, 1 ShotComedy Shorts05/23/081:331,07344,4533.02
LeatherheadsComedy Shorts05/21/081:5354229,9182.96
Juno Goes to HogwartsComedy Shorts05/20/082:081,06832,8002.96
The Panda Guys Interview NBA StarsOther Crap04/24/081:4760852,5993.01
F*ck the Earth Day!Comedy Shorts04/22/081:563,213973,1373.03
How to Talk to Black PeopleComedy Shorts04/19/082:572,514587,3273.01
OK, You Win: Nazi Hooker Sex Scandal GuyComedy Shorts04/10/0801:522,0208,3422.99
Six Flags Ride or Porno Title?Other Crap04/04/08N/A13,09403.00
Office PranksComedy Shorts03/31/081:482,008834,9713.01
A Very Sexy EasterComedy Shorts03/23/080:433,5372,397,4092.87
2 Girls, 1 Angry German KidComedy Shorts03/21/081:292,133843,0772.99
Steak & BJ DayComedy Shorts03/13/081:262,503404,6663.05
The Puppies Respond to the Marine Puppy Toss VideoComedy Shorts03/06/080:3977143,2023.02
The People Respond to the Marine Puppy Toss VideoComedy Shorts03/05/081:1186810,9903.01
Anton the Awkward Accountant in: Ordering an Illicit Asian MassageComedy Shorts03/01/082:121,51567,6203.01
The Break-Up PoemComedy Shorts02/13/0803:081,40834,7053.05
Getting Grilled - Ep 3: Kentucky TriviaSketch Comedy02/10/0802:097294,1322.99
Who's Your Candidate?Other Crap02/06/08N/A978180,7003.01
How to Make a Super Bowl CommercialComedy Shorts02/06/0802:071,50736,3322.97
Why I Don't Understand PoliticsComedy Shorts01/31/0801:391,12103.01
SkyMall Madness: One Shining MomentOther Crap01/10/0800:4793502.89
Catch a Squirrel Three Rats Re-CutIdiOlympics12/26/0705:009,0351,6653.03
Forward/Backward SantaMusic12/13/0702:301,7898,4692.97
Domestic AbuseComedy Shorts12/10/0701:031,77102.96
Evil Christmas Carols (Volume 2)Music11/25/0706:5428,71014,5423.13
K-Fed was a Nintendo Superstar!Comedy Shorts11/15/072:1046,54338,9193.05
Skymall MadnessOther Crap11/11/07119,44602.97
Ep#3 - Lily Frickin' BambooComedy Shorts11/06/0701:311,0772,1412.99
Ben & Jerry's Socially Conscious Ice CreamComedy Shorts10/29/0701:501,74259,4622.92
ChemistryComedy Shorts10/23/0704:4186902.99
How to Tell If You're a PervertSam's House of Knowledge10/16/072:527,98702.93
Congressmen Gone WildComedy Shorts10/14/0700:561,5961,4853.07
Drug AdComedy Shorts10/07/0700:502,26503.06
LaptopComedy Shorts09/27/0701:271,19903.00
Ambiguous Movie TrailerComedy Shorts09/21/0701:331,0603,3712.99
Piniella (Cubs Win!)Music09/17/074:0917,648136,9903.07
Altar BlowoutComedy Shorts09/10/0700:469381,3253.02
Sarah & Jeff's Wedding - The Horror TrailerComedy Shorts09/05/0700:5260,377156,1623.10
Learn Greek Gods Thru Ringtone Jams!Comedy Shorts08/29/072:244,8701,9293.13
tHugComedy Shorts08/22/0701:451,82819,6023.04
Should You Stay Friends with a Girl You Like Who's Got a Boyfriend?Sam's House of Knowledge08/16/073:098,11003.05
Pop(ular) Songs on Piano - Part 5Music08/15/07NA51,36303.09
Ep#2 - Panda vs. Tekken PandaComedy Shorts08/07/0702:037,30103.01
Five Secrets to a Great First DateSam's House of Knowledge07/30/072:336,80803.02
How to Dodge the DraftSam's House of Knowledge07/16/072:096,32002.97
A Tribute to Every Video SiteComedy Shorts07/08/0702:0698,2921,034,0853.02
Dunk ContestIdiOlympics07/02/0703:085,8573,6432.98
Momma Jams with Jenna ElfmanComedy Shorts06/25/072:282,795624,0953.05
Backwards PianoMusic06/20/0702:2490,349103,6732.99
Jack Needs A Date!Comedy Shorts06/18/0701:571,71216,4502.96
Outtakes (part 2)IdiOlympics06/11/0705:133,73602.95
Sammy Would Like to Apologize...IdiOlympics06/08/0700:592,48902.94
Wicked GamesComedy Shorts06/05/071:423,061120,1663.08
Personal Videos - SammyIdiOlympics06/04/0703:572,9773,3363.03
Personal Videos - AJIdiOlympics05/28/0702:552,4372,2102.95
Personal Videos - GobeIdiOlympics05/22/0702:162,7413,7863.06
Heart and Soul as EverythingMusic05/21/0703:563,34103.05
Personal Videos - HatguyIdiOlympics05/14/072:463,1853,1043.05
What to Stock to Prepare for a DisasterSam's House of Knowledge03/21/072:225,7058,8233.00
Magnus, Inc.Comedy Shorts03/12/0716:04 (w/ credits)2,7262,1133.05
What Tattoo Should You Get?Sam's House of Knowledge03/08/0703:158,22503.02
How to Talk Your Husband Out of Getting a GunSam's House of Knowledge03/02/072:354,82403.03
Hart 'N Soul - Baby Come BackMusic02/16/0701:562,43803.01
Choose Your Own Adventure - The Valentine's DateComedy Shorts02/12/07Depends... on you!97,30379,8153.14
The Backwards SketchComedy Shorts02/05/0703:50 (each way)39,99239,3833.12
How to Win at GamblingSam's House of Knowledge02/01/0702:567,15903.02
How to Pick Someone Up at the GymSam's House of Knowledge01/25/0702:488,8435,6332.96
Friday Night NightsComedy Shorts01/19/0702:2111,543524,0283.14
How to Ask Out a StripperSam's House of Knowledge01/18/072:3910,92003.00
Real Life Mario KartIdiOlympics01/16/0705:2215,3653,341,2093.13
Batman Begins BeginsComedy Shorts01/15/0700:433,8006,2812.99
How to Get Out of a Speeding TicketSam's House of Knowledge01/11/0703:047,3404,6593.07
Rock Songs on Classical PianoMusic01/09/0711:4621,98940,6733.09
Appease Three RatsIdiOlympics01/08/0704:323,0091,5822.98
How to Get Your Woman to Get Rid of Her MoustacheSam's House of Knowledge01/04/0702:507,2235,1253.03
Ep#1 - Pandas Don't Like to Have SexComedy Shorts01/02/0702:034,0993,0582.99
Thwomp: A Day on the JobComedy Shorts01/01/0702:2310,76668,5903.05
Where In Google Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?Comedy Shorts12/31/0601:194,8374,1723.03
Green Day: The Piano ConcertosMusic12/28/0606:187,13624,9163.08
How to Quit SmokingSam's House of Knowledge12/27/0603:025,85803.03
How to Tell Your Friend they Smell AwfulSam's House of Knowledge12/21/062:335,9385,1723.06
Evil Christmas Carols (Volume 1)Music12/21/0606:3269,841295,9133.08
Catch a SquirrelIdiOlympics12/19/0603:417,7273,2903.02
Dunk TeaserIdiOlympics12/18/0600:472,0041,111,3942.91
How to Tell if Your Friend is GaySam's House of Knowledge12/13/0602:3011,95502.99
Slip 'N Slide Penalty ShotIdiOlympics12/11/0603:587,78912,6672.99
How to Tell if a Girl is Really Into YouSam's House of Knowledge12/07/062:2512,25433,1533.10
JohnBrunch Bus12/06/0604:441,38303.10
Outtakes (part 1)IdiOlympics12/04/0604:504,62703.05
How to Avoid the Holiday Shopping MadnessSam's House of Knowledge11/30/0602:3712,7662,7603.01
Voices That Care - Where Are They Now?Comedy Shorts11/29/065:033,89302.99
IdiOlympics - Haircut ContestIdiOlympics11/27/0606:1026,2832,4943.12
Diane Keaton Acts!Comedy Shorts11/24/0601:201,05502.92
How to Tell if a Guy is Really Into YouSam's House of Knowledge11/22/062:038,39439,8812.90
Mary & BarryBrunch Bus11/21/0605:151,12216,6373.04
T-Bell Draft Special!IdiOlympics11/20/0603:393,60703.01
Student Health Services QuizOther Crap11/17/06N/A6,70603.03
How to Date Your BossSam's House of Knowledge11/16/061:546,7484,7833.07
The Prius - Part 2 (Robert)Brunch Bus11/15/0605:171,14723,5173.07
James K. PolkComedy Shorts11/14/0601:252,10502.92
Shopping Cart JoustIdiOlympics11/13/0604:1913,58715,0273.02
Ugly Baby Photoshop ContestOther Crap11/10/06N/A99,45502.99
How to Avoid Spending the Holidays With Your Boyfriend's FamilySam's House of Knowledge11/09/061:406,03802.99
The Prius - Part 1 (Sheila)Brunch Bus11/08/0604:311,604298,6163.05
T-Bell Eat-Off 2IdiOlympics11/06/0604:5615,29120,5873.06
How to Turn Your Party Into an OrgySam's House of Knowledge11/02/0601:4916,92310,1853.05
Bert vs. The HammerBrunch Bus10/31/0605:2581813,1612.96
T-Bell Eat-OffIdiOlympics10/30/0605:0412,4477,2833.04
VoicemailComedy Shorts10/28/0600:464,53302.96
Cat Footage Editing ContestOther Crap10/27/065 Vids1,16902.97
CSI: Our ApartmentComedy Shorts10/26/0603:552,8261,8583.03
How to Survive in a RiotSam's House of Knowledge10/25/0601:425,4312,9743.00
StephenBrunch Bus10/24/0603:1476712,1343.02
Dizzy Bat PinatasIdiOlympics10/23/0606:0410,0782,3212.98
Pinata PrologueIdiOlympics10/22/0601:485,37603.10
Customer SupportComedy Shorts10/21/0602:382,89602.98
WebDROther Crap10/20/06N/A4,12702.96
How to Propose to Your GirlfriendSam's House of Knowledge10/19/061:456,07002.94
PaulBrunch Bus10/18/0604:091,03957,3252.98
Hart 'N Soul - Baby I'm SorryMusic10/17/0601:541,3961,0152.97
Breaking and EnteringIdiOlympics10/16/0604:4327,96719,3993.12
IdiOlympics TrailerIdiOlympics10/16/060:492,4835,4452.98
Office DateComedy Shorts10/16/0601:174,65003.00
423 The Strand - TrailerComedy Shorts10/16/060:3290703.06
423 The Strand - The Kissing EpisodeComedy Shorts10/16/065:304,32302.99
SuckComedy Shorts02/01/0601:471165243.02
God Got GameComedy Shorts01/01/0607:25772,5792.95


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