Comedy Shorts
Debuted October 16th, 2006
Various short films compiled by the great drunk Panda and his brethren.

"Wow, My Date Sucked - Ep 1: Sexsomnia"
Debuted December 1st, 2009
Episode 1 of our new series - check it out at!

"Twitter Spokesman Tells Users to Die"
Debuted November 6th, 2009
A harsh but fair message from Twitter.

"Punch-Out Rap"
Debuted March 6th, 2009
With the release of the new Punch-Out on Wii next week, heres a tribute to King Hippo, Super Macho Man, Little Mac, and the rest of the old school bangers.

"Recession Christmas"
Debuted December 15th, 2008
Americans getting "toys" out of their price range has led to Santa making some changes this year.

"Choose Your Own Adventure - Election '08"
Debuted October 30th, 2008
What happens when John McCain and Barack Obama meet, away from all the campaign madness? You decide.


"The Neon"
Debuted September 2nd, 2008
As Break's ad projects have been taking all of Sam and Paul's time lately... a little something from back in the day!

"Anton the Awkward Accountant in: Clearing Up Online Dating Lies Before a Date"
Debuted August 18th, 2008
Episode 4 of Anton the Awkward Accountant: Anton calls women he met through online dating to admit he wasn't entirely truthful while filling out his profile.

"The Dinghy"
Debuted August 9th, 2008
A dinghy. A secret. But does anybody have a can opener?

"Independence... From Pants"
Debuted July 3rd, 2008
This July 4th, declare your independence... from PANTS.

"I Hate Britain Day"
Debuted July 2nd, 2008
A 4th of July message from Jack English, American Patriot.

"Anton the Awkward Accountant in: Inviting People to an Orgy"
Debuted June 25th, 2008
Episode 3 of Anton the Awkward Accountant: Anton calls around to invite people to the big sex orgy he's having on Saturday.

"How Picks Its Homepage Videos"
Debuted June 16th, 2008
A look into the board room, to see just how they decide which videos to put on their homepage.

"Anton the Awkward Accountant in: Telling the Exes He Got the Clap"
Debuted June 2nd, 2008
Episode 2 of Anton the Awkward Accountant: Anton calls all of his exes to alert them he got gonorrhea.

"28 Days and 28 Nights Later"
Debuted May 28th, 2008
In a spoof made by Panda Smash for the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, here's the trailer for a heartwarming movie that shows what happens when a zombie decides to abstain from eating brains for 28 days.

"I Am Legend (Ha Ha)"
Debuted May 28th, 2008
In a spoof made by Panda Smash for the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, here's what the I Am Legend rap would've been... if Will Smith still laid down raps for all his movies.

"13 Movies, 1 Shot"
Debuted May 23rd, 2008
In a spoof made by Panda Smash for the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, we took 13 of last year's movies and combined them all into one long, Goodfellas-style long shot.

Debuted May 21st, 2008
In a spoof made by Panda Smash for the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, here's Leatherheads... as it should've been.

"Juno Goes to Hogwarts"
Debuted May 20th, 2008
In a spoof made by Panda Smash for the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, Juno transfers to Hogwarts... and gets knocked up by Harry Potter.

"F*ck the Earth Day!"
Debuted April 22nd, 2008
Earth Day is for liberal hippie douches. Here's the far superior alternative.

"How to Talk to Black People"
Debuted April 19th, 2008
The U.S. Olympic Track & Field trials are being held in Eugene, Oregon, this summer. To prepare, some people there ACTUALLY started a committee to teach the city how to talk to black people. We imagine their training video would go something like this.

"OK, You Win: Nazi Hooker Sex Scandal Guy"
Debuted April 10th, 2008
Have you heard about the Max Mosley sex scandal? You should - it's the last one you'll ever need to know.

"Office Pranks"
Debuted March 31st, 2008
5 Office Pranks You Can Play at YOUR Office This April Fool's Day.

"A Very Sexy Easter"
Debuted March 23rd, 2008
Remember to be safe this Easter.

"2 Girls, 1 Angry German Kid"
Debuted March 21st, 2008
In honor of Angry German Kid's 2 year anniversary... we give you this mashup of him watching the infamous '2 Girls, 1 Cup' video. Don't worry, you don't have to watch any gross stuff.

"Steak & BJ Day"
Debuted March 13th, 2008
A PSA to spread the word about a new holiday on March 14th.

"The Puppies Respond to the Marine Puppy Toss Video"
Debuted March 6th, 2008
The puppies have seen the video that allegedly shows a U.S. marine throwing a puppy off a cliff... and they are NOT happy.

"The People Respond to the Marine Puppy Toss Video"
Debuted March 5th, 2008
The guys take it to the streets (of Beverly Hills, but, ya know, they're still the streets) to get people's reactions to the video that allegedly shows a U.S. marine throwing a puppy off a cliff.

"Anton the Awkward Accountant in: Ordering an Illicit Asian Massage"
Debuted March 1st, 2008
Anton the Awkward Accountant tries to find a massage parlor that offers the illicit, naughty service that he so desires.

"The Break-Up Poem"
Debuted February 13th, 2008
Learn the different poetry styles while breaking up with your Valentine!

"How to Make a Super Bowl Commercial"
Debuted February 6th, 2008
The simple formula for making your Super Bowl commercial a hit. Sam and Paul's first video for Break!

"Why I Don't Understand Politics"
Debuted January 31st, 2008
In light of the upcoming election, a little light on what makes the parties different.

"Domestic Abuse"
Debuted December 10th, 2007
An NSTV video directed and edited by Sam Cassel, Paul and Jake's college sketch comedy friend and mentor.

"K-Fed was a Nintendo Superstar!"
Debuted November 15th, 2007
Before he was K-Fed, young Kevin Federline was so good at video games that he sent in one of his accomplishments to Nintendo. And we found it.

"Ep#3 - Lily Frickin' Bamboo"
Debuted November 6th, 2007
If it's not the real stuff, it's crap.

"Ben & Jerry's Socially Conscious Ice Cream"
Debuted October 29th, 2007
Ben & Jerry unleash their new, socially conscious ice cream flavors. Classic sketch from NSTV 2000.

Debuted October 23rd, 2007
Our camera's still not back from China, thus, another college classic. Part Snatch parody... part science lesson... part NSTV's nerdiest sketch ever.

"Congressmen Gone Wild"
Debuted October 14th, 2007
You won’t BELIEVE what these Congressmen will do when the cameras are rolling!

"Drug Ad"
Debuted October 7th, 2007
One of 80's drug campaign ads they DIDN'T use.

Debuted September 27th, 2007
Don't talk to people at the library. It's rude. And they might be crazy.

"Ambiguous Movie Trailer"
Debuted September 21st, 2007
In the spirit of random movie trailers, another from the Paul's college archives.

"Altar Blowout"
Debuted September 10th, 2007
Paul's on temporary hiatus to move houses and to work on some new animated projects (also the Panda Camera is being repaired), so here's something from his archives making sketch comedy at Northwestern... Oh yeah, and Jake helped write this too.

"Sarah & Jeff's Wedding - The Horror Trailer"
Debuted September 5th, 2007
Paul's friends Sarah and Jeff asked him to edit their wedding video. He did. Then he got bored. And this happened.

"Learn Greek Gods Thru Ringtone Jams!"
Debuted August 29th, 2007
Kids today don't learn Greek mythology through a book. They need to learn it through ringtones.

Debuted August 22nd, 2007
He's got a knife. Do what he wants.

"Ep#2 - Panda vs. Tekken Panda"
Debuted August 7th, 2007
The Big, Drunk Panda returns, this time to take on one of video gaming's most obscure characters.

"A Tribute to Every Video Site"
Debuted July 8th, 2007
A first date, according to YouTube. And iFilm. And Break, Google Video, JibJab, and just about every other Internet video website.

"Momma Jams with Jenna Elfman"
Debuted June 25th, 2007
As one of Jake's first projects at FunnyorDie, they presented him with none other than Jenna Elfman. Pregnant. On a basketball court.

Who knew Jenna was a baller?

"Jack Needs A Date!"
Debuted June 18th, 2007
Jack went out to the park to try and find some girls who might date him.

"Wicked Games"
Debuted June 5th, 2007
The beach is all fun and games until....

"Magnus, Inc."
Debuted March 12th, 2007
Presenting Pandasmash*s first short film.

A guy. A girl. And an epic battle of two lemonade stands on a residential street between a boy with the brain of a man, and a man with the brain of a carp.

"Choose Your Own Adventure - The Valentine's Date"
Debuted February 12th, 2007
A guy has something important to tell his Valentine's date. The rest is up to you. 24 possible endings... plus a few secrets.

"The Backwards Sketch"
Debuted February 5th, 2007
A little experimental film-making abounds when roommate morons Andrew and Colt find a backwards-talking, seemingly crazy stranger in their front yard, and try to decide what to do with him. NOTE - This sketch plays both forwards and backwards.

"Friday Night Nights"
Debuted January 19th, 2007
Every day counts. One night matters. Then the next night matters. They all sorta matter. But that doesn't diminish how much the days count.

Porter, the young new star of the football team will learn this and other life lessons from his coach who is basically a god.

"Batman Begins Begins"
Debuted January 15th, 2007
The much-awaited trailer for the much-awaited prequel to the much awaited-prequel to the much-celebrated Batman Series.

"Ep#1 - Pandas Don't Like to Have Sex"
Debuted January 2nd, 2007
Your introduction to our Big, Drunk Panda. Why is he drunk? Why is he surly? Why doesn't he like to get it on? Those questions and more are answered within.

"Thwomp: A Day on the Job"
Debuted January 1st, 2007
In Mario Brothers, he was just a floating head of granite. But there's so more to him than that. Like bitterness. And anger-management issues.

"Where In Google Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?"
Debuted December 31st, 2006
That mischievous mistress of geography is at it again... but this time she faces her toughest opponent yet - a freeware mapping program from Google.

"Voices That Care - Where Are They Now?"
Debuted November 29th, 2006
Remember "Voices That Care" back in 1991? It was supposed to be the "We Are The World" for Desert Storm. Anyway, we dug up the old video... to see what's happened to all the big names from '91 who lent their voices to the cause.

"Diane Keaton Acts!"
Debuted November 24th, 2006
Boy, can Diane Keaton act. And she doesn’t need words.

"James K. Polk"
Debuted November 14th, 2006
On Expansionism and the Compromise of 1850. Rated R.

Debuted October 28th, 2006
Do you hate the voicemail lady? We do.

"CSI: Our Apartment"
Debuted October 26th, 2006
After decorating the outside of their apartment for the holidays, JD Shultz and Sam Greenspan discover that their prized metal snowman has been stolen. Channeling what they've learned from the CSI franchise, they decided to solve the crime.

"Customer Support"
Debuted October 21st, 2006
It's frustrating being on hold. And awkward when your operator doesn't have a sense of humor.

"Office Date"
Debuted October 16th, 2006
You shouldn't date people you work with. Because it could compromise your professionalism...and they could be crazy.

"423 The Strand - Trailer"
Debuted October 16th, 2006
Trailer for PandaSmash's sitcom pilot, 423 The Strand.

"423 The Strand - The Kissing Episode"
Debuted October 16th, 2006
A scene from Panda Smash's original sitcom, 423 The Strand. AJ goes through a nudist phase, Patrick befriends a girl with the unfortunate nickname of 'Scarface', and Kathleen tries to finally break if off with Derek so he won't kill every other guy at her birthday party.

Debuted February 1st, 2006
From NSTV 2002.

"God Got Game"
Debuted January 1st, 2006
Pauls first college comedy project.

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