Brunch Bus
Debuted October 18th, 2006
It's not breakfast, it's not lunch... it's fucking Brunch!

The Brunch Bros went out in search of everyone's inner glutton and boy did they find it! You won't believe what these dumb muthas would do when they get hungry. The footage is unbelievable and speaks for itself... sucka! So strap yourself in for a ride on the unforgettable Brunch Bus... if you can handle it.

Debuted December 6th, 2006
As a result of certain legal actions that have been taken, all we can say is that John was indeed hungry, and all we did was film Red feeding him....sucka!

"Mary & Barry"
Debuted November 21st, 2006
Brunch Bus Episode 6 - Relationship therapy isn't the norm, but it's what was needed. Watch as the sparks and food fly in a very special Brunch Bus.

"The Prius - Part 2 (Robert)"
Debuted November 15th, 2006
The gripping conclusion to the Prius debacle, and whether Scruffy has f*cked up for the last time!

"The Prius - Part 1 (Sheila)"
Debuted November 8th, 2006
A brunch so big we have to serve it up in two episodes! We're on our way to pick up professional feeder Shelia when the Brunch Bus breaks down. But don't think Scruffy f*cking up means we're gonna stop...we keep on trucking.

"Bert vs. The Hammer"
Debuted October 31st, 2006
We were driving around when we found this hungry sucka...

Debuted October 24th, 2006
We were driving along and we found this hungry sucka! Stephen was on his way to a picnic with his girlfriend, but we gave him a better offer....getting stuffed in the back of a bus! This country boy never had home cooking like this! SUCKA!

Debuted October 18th, 2006
We started rolling around the neighborhood when we ran into PAUL. He seemed coy at first, but boy could that fucker eat! As soon as we asked for help with directions, the deal was sealed. All we had to do was show him the goods, and the sweat started pouring. Wait till you see the pit stains!

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