Sam's House of Knowledge
Debuted October 19th, 2006
Sam Greenspan is a comedian. He also believes he's qualified to give people advice like Dear Abby. This is what happens when those two ambitions collide.

"How to Tell If You're a Pervert"
Debuted October 16th, 2007
Sam's nine question quiz to figure out how your pervertedness stacks up.

"Should You Stay Friends with a Girl You Like Who's Got a Boyfriend?"
Debuted August 16th, 2007
Sam helps a guy figure out if it's worth maintaining a friendship with a girl who he likes... who already has a boyfriend?

"Five Secrets to a Great First Date"
Debuted July 30th, 2007
Want to know how to have a first date without screwing it up? Sam has the answer.

"How to Dodge the Draft"
Debuted July 16th, 2007
Although he doesn't endorse illegal activity, Sam gives advice to a guy who's worried about the military draft coming back.

"What to Stock to Prepare for a Disaster"
Debuted March 21st, 2007
Sam helps get you ready to make your basement or emergency shelter totally awesome in case the worst happens.

"What Tattoo Should You Get?"
Debuted March 8th, 2007
Sam helps out a guy by breaking down what is and isn't a good idea for a tattoo.

"How to Talk Your Husband Out of Getting a Gun"
Debuted March 2nd, 2007
Sam gives advice to a woman who hates that her husband wants to buy a gun.

"How to Win at Gambling"
Debuted February 1st, 2007
Sam creates a foolproof gambling system for a guy who's taking a trip to Vegas.

"How to Pick Someone Up at the Gym"
Debuted January 25th, 2007
Sam gives tips for picking up a woman or a man at the gym. Spandex does come into play.

"How to Ask Out a Stripper"
Debuted January 18th, 2007
Sam gives a guy the secrets to successfully asking a stripper... or, if you prefer, exotic dancer... out on a date.

"How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket"
Debuted January 11th, 2007
Sam gives a woman the best strategies for convincing a cop not to give her a speeding ticket.

"How to Get Your Woman to Get Rid of Her Moustache"
Debuted January 4th, 2007
Sam coaches a guy who needs to figure out the gentlest, least confrontational way of getting his girlfriend to get rid of her mustache.

"How to Quit Smoking"
Debuted December 27th, 2006
Sam creates a revolutionary plan for a guy who wants to quit smoking as his New Year's resolution.

"How to Tell Your Friend they Smell Awful"
Debuted December 21st, 2006
Sam helps a girl who needs a gentle way of telling her friend that she smells terrible.

"How to Tell if Your Friend is Gay"
Debuted December 13th, 2006
Sam helps a guy figure out some signs to tell whether or not his best friend is gay.

"How to Tell if a Girl is Really Into You"
Debuted December 7th, 2006
Sam already tackled How to Tell if a Guy is Really Into You. This week, he helps out a guy who wants to know how to tell if a girl is really into him.

"How to Avoid the Holiday Shopping Madness"
Debuted November 30th, 2006
Sam gives out tips for how to shop this holiday season without losing your mind.

"How to Tell if a Guy is Really Into You"
Debuted November 22nd, 2006
Sam helps out a woman who's trying to figure out if the guy she's dating is really into her, or just messing around.

"How to Date Your Boss"
Debuted November 16th, 2006
Sam gives advice to a guy about how to handle an office romance with his boss.

"How to Avoid Spending the Holidays With Your Boyfriend's Family"
Debuted November 9th, 2006
Sam gives three strategies to a woman who really, really wants to get out of spending the holidays with her boyfriend's family.

"How to Turn Your Party Into an Orgy"
Debuted November 2nd, 2006
Sam helps out a dude in Boston who wants his next party to become a wicked killah orgy.

"How to Survive in a Riot"
Debuted October 25th, 2006
Sam gives some advice to a guy who's worried about what to do if he's ever in a riot.

"How to Propose to Your Girlfriend"
Debuted October 19th, 2006
Sam dispenses his unique brand of comical, but strangely useful, advice when gives a guy help on what to do, and what not to do, when proposing to a lady.

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