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Sketch Comedy -
"The Great State Fight"

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Featured video:
Hart 'N Soul - Baby I'm Sorry
An episode of Music

Featured video:
Evil Christmas Carols (Volume 2)
An episode of Music

In February '08, Paul and Sam were hired to be the original content team at Here's what they've made since they got there...

The Great State Fight

50 State Stereotypes (in 2 Minutes)

Lady Gaga Outfit or Landfill Trash?

Wow, My Date Sucked - Ep 6

Wow, My Date Sucked - Ep 1

A Message From Twitter

Great American Guerilla Drive-In

Punch-Out Rap

Click It Or Ticket: Ep 3

Doritos Crash the Superbowl

Hot Babes and Cool Gadgets at CES

Evil Laughing Babies

Recession XMas

Choose Your Own Adventure - Election '08

Clearing Up Online Dating Lies Before a Date

Behind Interesting - Ep 6: Wow

The Dinghy

The Panda Guys at Wrigley Field

The Panda Guys at Fenway Park

The Panda Guys at AT&T Park

Independence... From Pants

I Hate Britain Day

Inviting People to an Orgy

How Picks Its Homepage Videos

Telling the Exes You Got the Clap

28 Days and 28 Nights Later

I Am Legend (Ha Ha)

13 Movies, 1 Shot


Juno Goes to Hogwarts

The Panda Guys Interview NBA Stars

F*ck the Earth Day!

How to Talk to Black People

OK, You Win: Nazi Hooker Sex Scandal Guy

Six Flags Ride or Porno Title?

Office Pranks

A Very Sexy Easter

2 Girls, 1 Angry German Kid

Steak & BJ Day

The Puppies Respond to the Marine Puppy Toss Video

The People Respond to the Marine Puppy Toss Video

Ordering an Illicit Asian Massage

The Break-Up Poem

Getting Grilled - Ep 3: Kentucky Trivia

Who's Your Candidate?

How to Make a Super Bowl Commercial

Between October '06 and February '08, here's what Paul and Sam made for Panda Smash...

Why I Don't Understand Politics

SkyMall Madness: One Shining Moment

Catch a Squirrel Three Rats Re-Cut

Forward/Backward Santa

Evil Christmas Carols (Volume 2)

K-Fed: Nintendo Superstar

Skymall Madness

Lily Frickin' Bamboo

Are You a Pervert?

Piniella (Cubs Rihanna parody)

Sarah & Jeff's Wedding - The Horror Trailer

Learn Greek Gods Thru Ringtone Jams!

Stay Friends w/Girl Who's Taken?

Pop(ular) Songs on Piano - Part 5

Panda vs. Tekken Panda

Five First Date Secrets

How to Dodge the Draft

A Tribute to Every Video Site

Dunk Contest

Backwards Piano

IdiOlympics Outtakes (part 2)

Sammy's Sorry...

IdiOlympics Personal Videos - Sammy

IdiOlympics Personal Videos - AJ

IdiOlympics Personal Videos - Gobe

Heart and Soul as Everything

IdiOlympics Personal Videos - Hatguy

How to Prepare for a Disaster

What Tattoo Should You Get?

How to Talk Your Husband out of a Gun

Hart 'N Soul - Baby Come Back

Choose Your Own Adventure Date

The Backwards Sketch

How to Win at Gambling

How to Pick Someone Up at the Gym

How to Ask Out a Stripper

Real Life Mario Kart

Batman Begins Begins

How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

Rock Songs on Classical Piano

Appease Three Rats

So Your Woman Has a Moustache

Pandas Don't Like to Have Sex

Thwomp: A Day on the Job

Where In Google Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?

Green Day: The Piano Concertos

How to Quit Smoking

How to Tell Your Friend they Smell Awful

Evil Christmas Carols (Volume 1)

Catch a Squirrel

Dunk Teaser

How to Tell if Your Friend is Gay

Slip 'N Slide Penalty Shot

How to Tell if a Girl is Really Into You

IdiOlympics Outtakes (part 1)

How to Avoid the Holiday Shopping Madness

Voices That Care - Where Are They Now?

IdiOlympics - Haircut Contest

How to Tell if a Guy is Really Into You

T-Bell Draft Special!

Student Health Services Quiz

How to Date Your Boss

James K. Polk

Shopping Cart Joust

Ugly Baby Photoshop Contest

How to Avoid Holidays w/Boyfriend's Family

T-Bell Eat-Off 2

How to Turn Your Party Into an Orgy

T-Bell Eat-Off


Cat Footage Editing Contest

CSI: Our Apartment

How to Survive in a Riot

Dizzy Bat Pinatas

Pinata Prologue


How to Propose to Your Girlfriend

Hart 'N Soul - Baby I'm Sorry

Breaking and Entering

IdiOlympics Trailer

423 The Strand - Trailer

The Kissing Episode

Sam and Paul's friend Jake helped start the site before he was hired by Funny Or Die. Here's his work, plus the work of some of the guys' other friends...


Momma Jams with Jenna Elfman

Jack Needs A Date!

Wicked Games

Magnus, Inc.

Friday Night Nights

Brunch Bus - John

Diane Keaton Acts!

Brunch Bus - Mary & Barry

Brunch Bus - The Prius (Pt 2)

Brunch Bus - The Prius (Pt 2)

Brunch Bus - Bert vs. The Hammer

Brunch Bus - Stephen

Customer Support

Brunch Bus - Paul

Office Date

When the guys were back at Northwestern University, they were part of NU's sketch comedy show called NSTV. Here's some of what they did...

The Neon

Domestic Abuse

Ben & Jerry's


Congressmen Gone Wild

Drug Ad


Ambiguous Movie Trailer

Altar Blowout


God Got Game

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Sorry. I was eating chocolate.
That doesn't make any sense.
So we need to come up with a name for our comedy video website.
I dunno. How about something with funny videos or viral videos... hold on, I'm about to get in a car accident.
You're instant messaging on your cell phone while you're driving?
All the time. IM, take camera phone pictures, cell phone games, sing along to my 80s ringtones. I'm a renaissance man.
Like Danny DeVito?
I don't get the reference.
Let's talk website. What are we gonna do? Sketch comedy? Comedy shorts?
Music videos?
If they're good. Or legitimately funny.
Parodies of popular TV shows?
I don't think those are ever funny.
Are we going to put up stuff like movie trailers or previews or funny movie scenes?
We're not YouTube. We're only putting up original comedy.
It should be named something people will Google. Something with funniest online videos, hilarious videos, something like that. Or something that our audience would search for, like South Park Simpsons Family Guy It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Hilarious Awesome
I'm pretty sure somebody's attorney would sue us. And I'd feel dirty. I don't want to feel like I'm running some porn sex site.
How about Funnier Than Mesothelioma dot com?
I don't even know what that is.
It's a skin disease everyone is worried about. We wouldn't be lying. Everything's funnier than skin disease.
How about we just call it Panda Smash. People like endangered species. And didn't you once smash a Panda?
It was a Beanie Babies panda. CRAP.
What, you don't like that?
No, I just got in a car accident. Can you call my lawyer?
That's what you get for typing "mesothelioma" while driving.
And I just finished paying off my student loans.

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